Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A few of my favorite houses...

I always love having a reason to pass by these houses. The first one is top on my list as I have always loved colonial style houses. In high school we went on a trip to Boston and we toured Concord and Lexington and a small town called Grafton where some of my ancestors were from. We were able to see some of the actual houses that my ancestors lived in including going into the home where my great-great grandfather was born. I love the symmetry in the architecture and just how classic the style is.
The last three houses are such cute cottage houses and I have always loved driving by them. The last house is one that we often pass by on the way to my parents' house and it always looks magazine perfect. I especially love how the decorate for the holidays.
Is anyone up for the challenge to find some of your favorite houses?

Just some random cuteness...

One of the cute words that J has been saying is "hostable" for hospital and I just love how she says it when we read her "Madeline" book. She had RSV a few weeks ago and she asked me if she could go to the "hostable" to help her get better. I don't want to correct her yet because she melts my heart when she says it.
Another random topic that is often in our conversations is fire alarms. In the Fall, we had a one month period in our church building where the fire alarm went off three times. This has made J so observant to the point that anywhere we go in most public buildings, she has to scout out where the fire alarm is. She knows that it is very bad to pull the alarm, but she is inquisitive as to why we need them. I can't wait to work past this phase because I do not want her to be afraid of the alarm.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I figured that I better do this post early because knowing how unfrequent I am about posting, I did not want to miss Valentine's Day. I love the third one down of Miss J with her friend because it says so much of their personalities. Happy Valentine's Day!

A Beautiful Day!

I love to get in the car and go for a drive. It is the best time to talk and to feel refreshed and recharged. That is something I loved doing with my parents when I was growing up and it continues to be something I love with my own little family. A couple of weeks ago we drove to one of Truman's favorite places, Hobart Creek (even though we didn't actually see it because you have to hike to get there), and then we drove to Lake Tahoe and had lunch at Tahoe City. It was a perfect day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Twinkle Toes

I love this girl of mine! Last week I was able to practice taking pictures of Miss J and her adorable friend. More to come...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My nanny family!

My nanny family came to Gabrielle's reception and she also had a part in their lives because she spent many hours taking care of them as well. Though we are not related, they are family to me and the kids are like my own. I started with them when the oldest (in the gray and white striped sweater) was 11 months and then we anticipated the twins birth when she was 15 months and now she is almost 9. The boy in the blue sweater and the girl in the black dress are the twins. They mean the world to me and we have such a special relationship with their family.
The top picture of J with K is so symbolic to me because I have never thought that they could look like sisters as I think they do in this picture. J's hair has lightened and it is almost the same color as K's. My nanny kids are the reason why I could survive before we were blessed to have our own daughter because they were and continue to be like my own. Their parents, Karen and Tom are wonderful friends and I am so thankful that they are such a special part of my life.

Just a few pics of the Reception...

The first two are of the kids table and then the third one is my sister-in-law and my brother and their adorable little one who is 17 days apart from J, then my cousin and Truman.